From the Desk of Ms. Crystal-March

Dear Showcase parents and dancers,

It’s almost springtime; can you feel it in the air!?  That means we are inching closer and closer to recital preparations!  It’s an exciting time of year that brings growth and progress, which is perfect for our March Believe Challenge to BErespectful.

Respect means to have a sense of worth for others and to appreciate what they have to offer.  So this month, the challenge to BErespectful means that we are encouraging our students to recognize the importance of understanding someone else’s worth, particularly in showing respect to the grown-ups and classmates they interact with.

To BErespectful means you will sometimes defer to someone else to offer their opinion, or to give you advice.  It means that in conversation, you politely hear the other person’s voice and that you acknowledge them with kindness before responding.  To BErespectful and show consideration for others, try to incorporate these ideas into your life:

  • Follow instructions the first time they are given at dance, at school, and at home

  • Say thank you when given a correction or advice from your teacher

  • Try using “yes, ma’am” and “yes, sir” when you are talking with a grown-up

  • Actively listen to someone before stating your opinion (no interruptions!)

  • Be considerate and friendly to your peers in the hallway and in class by respecting their belongings and personal space

At SDS, we love watching our students develop character qualities like respect.  It shows that they understand the importance of other people’s worth, and that they do not underestimate the impact of their behavior on those people.  To BErespectful means that our students are learning to demonstrate their good manners and consideration for others, in and out of the dance classroom.

I encourage you to take pride in this month’s challenge to BErespectful.  Elevate your respect for others, and I assure you that it won’t go unnoticed!


Ms. Crystal

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