Showcase Dance Policies

At Showcase Dance Studio, we are committed to every child’s education, safety, and wellbeing. We provide a safe, child-centered environment to encourage students to explore dance. That is why we have implemented detailed policies for students and parents alike. We maintain these policies to help encourage development, concentration, and inclusivity.

Studio Policies

Arrival and Departure

We encourage students to arrive 10 minutes before class starts. For their safety, students should be picked up immediately after class. Please call the studio if you know you running late.


Attending class regularly is pertinent to the growth and development of a dancer. All students are expected to attend class promptly and on a regular basis. Furthermore, regular attendance is mandatory for participation in the recital. To prevent injuries, students that arrive more than 10 minutes late to class will have to watch class from the front of the room.

Dress Code

All students must wear appropriate dance attire and shoes while in class. Showcase Dance Studio has a strict dress code in place to observe body alignment. Please refer to our Dress Code Form for specific attire and shoes for each class.

Dress Code Form

Food Policy

Only water is allowed in the studios. No food, drinks or gum.

Lost and Found

Please mark all dancewear, shoes, and personal items with your child’s name in a discreet place with permanent marker. We will make every effort to return lost items, however, we cannot be responsible for any items your child brings to class.

studio handbook

Class Policies

Withdrawing from a Class

In the interest of keeping tuition accounts up-to-date and accurate, students who wish to drop a class from which they are registered must sign a “Class withdrawal form” or parents will be responsible for full tuition payments. 30 days notice for withdrawal is required. Partial months will not be refunded.

Class Observation

Parents may observe their child’s class on closed-circuit TVs located in the school lobby or through our observation windows. Classroom doors will remain closed and parents should refrain from entering during class. Teachers are not available for discussion between classes. If you would like to discuss your child’s progress, please contact the studio so we may schedule a meeting time.

Class Placement

  • Class placement is the sole decision of the studio Director and Teacher.
  • Students will not be put on Pointe until they are developmentally ready.
  • The following classes require dual enrollment: Modern, Musical Theatre, Leaps & Turns

Substitute Teachers

Showcase Dance Studio reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher if the regularly scheduled teacher is ill or otherwise unable to teach class.

Termination of Enrollment

In certain circumstances, when it is in the best interest of one or more students, it may be necessary for for the school to terminate a student’s enrollment. Reasons for termination of enrollment include the following:

  • Disruptive or dangerous behavior by students or their parents
  • Abuse of other children, staff, or school property
  • Parent/Student Behavior-gossiping/voicing dissatisfaction with Showcase in public or on-line

Technology Policies

Cell Phone Policy

No cell phones or computers may be used during class time. (This includes texting).

Social Media Clause

Ensure that your social networking conduct is consistent with our Company policies listed in our handbook.

Health & Closing Policies


When you child has a fever, please keep them home until their temperature returns to normal. This will ensure that they will be well enough to resume class activities the following week. Please use our absence notification form to inform the staff of your child’ absence.

Absence Notification

Medical Information

Parents must notify the Director and teachers regarding children who require an inhaler or other medications during their time at Showcase Dance Studio. Please inform us if your child has special medical needs. All information about our students is kept confidential. Please update the portal with any changes to medication or conditions.

Holiday Closings

Please see our studio calendar for closings and events.

View Our Calendar

Weather Closings

Showcase Dance Studio will not close in accordance with Prince William County School inclement weather policy. Please visit our website, Facebook page, or call our phone messaging system for up-to-date information concerning studio closings. The Director will make a decision on studio closings by 2:00pm and an e-mail will be sent to your family account.

Registration and Payment Policies


Tuition is based on the seasonal cost and divided into 10 equal installments due on the 15th of each month.

Registration fees and first installments will be processed to your card within 72 hours of completed registration.  Registration fees and first installment are non-refundable.

All tuition will be automatically processed by credit card. Delinquency will result in a $20.00 late fee.

Payment Options

Showcase Dance Studio accepts the following forms of payment:
Cash and Personal Checks
MasterCard, Visa, and Discover

Membership Fees

Showcase Dance Studio requires an annual membership fee of $65.00 per student, or $85.00 per family. This fee is due upon registration and covers the cost of mailings, postage, insurance, supplies, studio maintenance, music license fee, etc. The registration fee is non-refundable.

Returned Check Fee

To offset bank charges, Showcase Dance Studio will charge $35.00 for each returned check.

For detailed studio policies please refer to your studio handbook.