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Why is the Dress Code Important?

Why is the Dress Code Important? It’s a common question to hear from dance parents and students alike: What purpose does the dress code actually serve?  We’re glad you asked! Showcase Dance Studio's dress code was established for a few very important reasons: Safety The number one factor in establishing a dress code is

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Grateful For Our Showcase Family

Dear Showcase Dance Studio dance families, As Thanksgiving draws nearer, we wanted to take a moment to express our thanks to YOU, for trusting us with your child’s dance education and allowing us to be a positive light in your child’s life.  We are grateful that you’ve chosen us for your studio home. Dance,

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What is Age-Appropriate Movement?

What is Age-Appropriate Movement? Why is it so important that Showcase Dance Studio offers age-appropriate movement for its students?  Because your child’s safety depends on it! Safe movements for young dancers are dependent on their ages and rate of physical growth.  For example, growth plates in the skeleton—the growing tissues that help bones

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Beating the Back-to-School Blues

Beating the Back-to-School Blues “But I’m too tired!” It’s that time of year again!  School is back in session and after-school activities abound, meaning “I’m too tired” can become a frequent refrain from the backseat of your car. It’s not uncommon for us to hear about young dancers who fall asleep on the way

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Child’s Classroom Experience

How to Make the Most Out of Your Child’s Classroom Experience Dance lessons can be an awesome way to encourage your child’s personal growth!  At Showcase, we’re not just teaching dance steps in our classrooms—we’re developing conscientious, confident young leaders.   As a parent, I know what a challenge it can be to

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The Importance of Grit

The Importance of Grit “Gritty people have a growth mindset; when bad things happen, they don’t give up.” This quote is from author Angela Duckworth, who popularized the word “grit” about five years ago with her famous TED Talk about the power of passion and perseverance.  She wasn’t talking specifically about dancers, but she

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Competition Team Auditions Are Coming Up Soon!

Competition team auditions are coming up soon!  On Saturday, June 2, we’ll be hosting tryouts for our 2018-2019 teams. You may have been wondering if being on a competitive team is the right fit for your child, or if they would enjoy the experience.  If you’ve ever thought about having your child audition, then

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What to Expect at Recital

What to Expect at a Dance Recital Recital planning is well underway here at SDS! As you already know, our annual dance recital performances will take place on Saturday, June 9, 2018 at the Hylton Performing Arts Center. If this is your child’s first dance recital experience, or your first recital experience with Showcase,

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Capture Your Dancer’s Journey Through Dance Portraits

Capture Your Dancer's Journey Through Dance Portraits Choreography is wrapping up, costumes are going home, and excitement is in the air: recital preparations are officially underway! I hope you and your dancer are looking forward to Saturday, June 9 as much as we are. As you may have already seen, we’ve scheduled

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The Importance of Dance Training During the Summer

The Importance of Summer Dance Training Welcome to Showcase Dance Studio’s blog! We’re excited to introduce this new method of sharing dance advice, class tips, educational info, and more. We’re kicking off our blog posts with an important, frequently-asked question from dancers of all ages: “Why should I continue my dance

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