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Congratulations! You’re Officially a Dance Parent

Congratulations! You’re Officially a Dance Parent Welcome to the club, dance moms and dads!  Now that you’ve formally signed your child up for lessons and you’ve gotten all the pertinent information about the season, you are officially a dance parent at Showcase Dance Studio! Being a dance parent here is a

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The Summer Stride

The Summer Stride Summer is just around the corner and here at Showcase Dance Studio, we are putting the finishing touches on all our fantastic summer program offerings! With the current dance season winding down and the new season ramping up, you might have been wondering lately if summer dance

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Practicing at Home: Dos and Don’ts

Practicing at Home: Dos and Don’ts Many of our students absolutely love practicing dance at home.  You’ll find them twirling in the living room and tapping in the kitchen—they just can’t contain their enthusiasm!  It’s not uncommon for a parent to tell us that their child feels compelled to choreograph with

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What Progress in Dance Looks Like

What Progress in Dance Looks Like Dance class is a lot like school in many ways: your child explores new ideas, practices skills, solves problems, and develops friendships.  Unlike school though, dance classes don’t have a new grade level every year. This can seem strange at first, but for dance education

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Raising a Healthy Dancer

Raising a Healthy Dancer In our dance classes at Showcase Dance Studio, we are committed to developing dancers who have healthy bodies and minds—and a healthy outlook on life!  We want our dancers to feel confident about themselves and love their bodies. What can you do at home to support this objective and boost your

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Why is the Dress Code Important?

Why is the Dress Code Important? It’s a common question to hear from dance parents and students alike: What purpose does the dress code actually serve?  We’re glad you asked! Showcase Dance Studio's dress code was established for a few very important reasons: Safety The number one factor in establishing a

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Grateful For Our Showcase Family

Dear Showcase Dance Studio dance families, As Thanksgiving draws nearer, we wanted to take a moment to express our thanks to YOU, for trusting us with your child’s dance education and allowing us to be a positive light in your child’s life.  We are grateful that you’ve chosen us for your studio home. Dance,

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What is Age-Appropriate Movement?

What is Age-Appropriate Movement? Why is it so important that Showcase Dance Studio offers age-appropriate movement for its students?  Because your child’s safety depends on it! Safe movements for young dancers are dependent on their ages and rate of physical growth.  For example, growth plates in the skeleton—the growing tissues that help bones

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