Capture Your Dancer's Journey Through Dance Portraits featured graphic image

Capture Your Dancer’s Journey Through Dance Portraits

Capture Your Dancer’s Journey Through Dance Portraits

Choreography is wrapping up, costumes are going home, and excitement is in the air: recital preparations are officially underway! I hope you and your dancer are looking forward to Saturday, June 9 as much as we are.

As you may have already seen, we’ve scheduled a recital photo session with the talented photographer, Amy Nicole. While participation is optional, we do strongly encourage all of our dancers to take part in this exclusive, once-a-year opportunity for professional photos.

Dance portraits are more than just images of your child in costume; they are a snapshot in time! Here at SDS, all of our faculty have special memories of their dance years—memories captured in their dance photos. (Check out some of those photos at the end of this post!) We know that you too will appreciate having recital photos to share and look back upon.

You know how your preschooler cried for the first three Tippy Toes classes this year, and now she loves every minute of it? You’ll always remember this milestone year when you look back on her sweet recital photos. Or think about last September, when your teen was hesitant to try Musical Theatre and now can perform with confidence …. catch that feeling on camera and remember it forever.

Most dancers will also have favorite costumes and recital routines over the years, and dance portraits are a pretty awesome way to celebrate those treasured classes, even as you move forward in life. For me, one of my very favorite dance memories is of a routine I did in fifth-grade called Trolley (see the picture below). My teacher was Ms. Carol, and she was the kind of teacher who rarely gave compliments; you had to really earn them! I truly fell in love with dance that year, thanks in part to Ms. Carol’s recognition. I feel pretty lucky to have this photo to remember it by!

Our promise to you is that we’ll have our SDS faculty professionally pose each dancer with two poses per costume, maximizing your options for photo choices. Through our photographer’s company, we’ll offer high-quality, competitively-priced photo packages so that you are able to get the very best service and product we can offer. Simply pick up an order form in our office and we will do the rest! Completed photo orders will be delivered directly to you through a digital gallery, allowing you to download or print with unlimited rights.

Please reach out to us with any questions! We can’t wait to photograph your dancer this season and help you capture these cherished memories.

-Ms. Crystal

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