Dear SDS Families, 

Congratulations on a wonderful recital!  I knew it would be a wonderful return to the stage (after a TWO-year absence).  Our dancer’s ability to adapt and persevere through this past year has filled our hearts with so much JOY!

Now that the recital is complete, we are turning our attention towards Company Intensive and summer and fall programming. I’m so proud of how our team worked tirelessly to deliver our Safer Studio™ plan over the last 15 months. Thanks to our team’s dedication, we experienced only a .006% occurrence of Covid cases out of thousands of visits. Vaccines are now widely available and Virginia’s positivity rates are declining. The CDC issued new guidelines stating that fully vaccinated individuals can feel safe without a mask regardless of location, activity, or crowd size. 

It is after thoughtful consideration of these factors, plus a safe run of performances and the fact that summer is our lowest enrollment period with 50% of our students in the building for short periods of time that we make the following plan to return-to-normal operations: 

June 21

  • SDS will be transitioning from a policy of mask requirement when entering and exiting the building to a policy of mask recommendation. 
  • SDS will be reopening the homework room and dinner bar area.  Food may now be brought into the building (but please don’t forget how to pick up after yourselves and care for our facility :).
  • SDS water fountains will be in full operation.

July 12

  • SDS will be reopening the lobby.

August 21

  • SDS will have a full return to normal programming. 

We are taking measured steps back to normal during the low enrollment period of summer so that we can watch for impacts and trends before the start of fall classes on August 21. SDS reserves the right to pause or reverse its return-to-normal plan at any time.  Any Covid-positive staff members and students will still be expected to stay home until they are out of the CDC recommended isolation window.

Although many of us will feel relieved to read this announcement, many also will feel concerned about and may choose to continue wearing their mask. Some dancers may be contending with additional health problems, some might have a particularly vulnerable family member at home, or they might simply choose to wear their masks.  SDS warmly welcomes EACH family to make the choice that is right for them and encourages parents to talk to their children about this transitional period as well.  

We continue to encourage the kindness and empathy which you have shown since the very beginning. YOU are truly what make us More Than Just Great Dancing!® and we thank you for your continued support!


Ms. Crystal 

July 2020

August 2020