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Be Disciplined

From the Desk of Ms. Crystal-January

Dear Showcase parents and dancers,

Welcome to the new year at SDS!  We hope you enjoyed a relaxing winter break and are ready to start 2020 off strong!

As we ramp up this semester, it’s time to get started on our January Believe Challenge, which is to BE Disciplined.  One of the many advantages of being a dancer is learning how to be self-sufficient, so I know this challenge will only amplify that benefit! Our students are already learning how to take turns, follow instructions, ask good questions, take pride in their appearance, and try their best … all qualities we know will continue to serve them well in and out of the dance classroom.

To BE Disciplined and strive for this month’s challenge, I encourage you to try the following:

  • Plan ahead for homework time during the week, without procrastinating
  • Pay special attention to your dance class and school attendance so it is consistent
  • Practice doing your own hair in a bun
  • Build a new healthy habit, such as drinking more water or getting an extra hour of sleep
  • Schedule breaks from social media to clear your mind

Being disciplined is takes extra effort, but never let that stop you from working hard at it!  To BE Disciplined is to understand the importance of respecting yourself and others, and to develop a healthy pathway to success in life.

Believe in yourself and your ability to improve!  I’m grateful for your willingness to try, and I hope this month’s challenge makes you feel stronger than ever.


Ms. Crystal

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