Prince William County Toddler Tap Class

Tiny Tappers

Our Prince William County toddler tap class provides little ones an opportunity to move! Showcase Dance Studio is a creative space where little dancers can learn to love the art of tap. Tiny Tappers is an energetic class for children ages three to four. In this toddler tap class, boys and girls will be immersed in an imaginative environment that encourages healthy behaviors and active learning.

Tap gives children a unique dance opportunity because is the music and the main attraction. This toddler tap class allows little dancers to improve their ability to find the beat and discover patterns in music. Because it gets a little noisy, toddlers will have an expressive outlet and a boost in self-confidence with this multi-sensory dance experience.

This young age is a perfect time to introduce children to the arts, especially as they enter preschool in Prince William County. Children who participate in dance lessons tend to perform better in the classroom. Our Prince William County toddler dance class requires discipline and focus, which translates to an improved academic performance. Tiny Tappers is a constructive outlet where children can positively express themselves, all while learning skills that will help them in any classroom.

At Tiny Tappers, your dancer will experience age-appropriate fun that keeps them challenged and growing. We encourage your toddler’s imagination with rhythm, counting, and self-expression. Your little one will develop listening skills, enhancing gross motor skills and spatial awareness. These skills are essential for success in preschool and preparation for kindergarten.

Showcase Dance Studio’s toddler tap classes are in high-demand and registration fills up quickly. Secure your little dancer’s spot today! Enrollment closes December 17th.

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Showcase Dance Studio

Classroom Milestones

  • Name colors and distinguish shapes
  • Learn to follow directions
  • Acquire listening skills
  • Learn to stand in line and take turns
  • Discover creative expression
  • Learn rhythm and counting
  • Learn manners and sharing
  • Develop friendships
  • Acquire gross motor skills

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