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Practicing at Home: Recital Edition

We absolutely love it when our students say they want to practice their recital dance at home.  Their enthusiasm is contagious, and then everyone in the class wants to practice at home too! But as a parent, how should you go about encouraging this?  Is there such a thing as too much practice? ...

by Crystal Carfagno 3 min read
The Benefits of Competition Team

The Benefits of Competition Team If your child loves dance and has expressed interest in doing more, we’d love for you to consider having them audition for our competition teams later this Spring! All of our students at Showcase Dance Studio benefit from the life skills dance develops, but for our...

by Crystal Carfagno 2 min read
Raising a Healthy Dancer

In our dance classes at Showcase Dance Studio, we are committed to developing dancers who have healthy bodies and minds—and a healthy outlook on life!  We want our dancers to feel confident about themselves and love their bodies. What can you do at home to support this objective and boost your...

by Crystal Carfagno 3 min read