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Dance Class Etiquette

Dance Class Etiquette At Showcase Dance Studio, we love seeing how excited our students are to practice in class!  Their motivation fuels their progress, and as they gain more experience in dance, they have the potential to advance even more quickly.  But this path to progress also requires developing self-control, confidence,...

by Crystal Carfagno 3 min read
Preparing for Your Child's First Dance Class

Preparing for Your Child’s First Dance Class Your child’s first dance class at Showcase Dance Studio is on the calendar and it’s all your child can talk about … what they’re going to wear, who they’re going to meet, what they’re going to do.  It’s seemingly endless anticipation! We know how exciting...

by Crystal Carfagno 2 min read
Be Enthusiastic

Dear Showcase parents and dancers, Welcome to September!  We are SO ready to start the new dance season with you! As you may remember from last month, this season at Showcase our theme for the year is all about BELIEF.  Belief is having faith in yourself, confidence in others, and understanding that...

by Crystal Carfagno 2 min read
Why is the Dress Code Important?

Why is the Dress Code Important? It’s a common question to hear from dance parents and students alike: What purpose does the dress code actually serve?  We’re glad you asked! Showcase Dance Studio's dress code was established for a few very important reasons: Safety The number one factor in establishing a dress...

by Crystal Carfagno 2 min read