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Understanding Level Placement

Understanding Level Placement At Showcase Dance Studio, we know that the progression of our class levels can sometimes be a little confusing to understand! Dance class placement can be different compared to other extracurricular activities, or to the way students progress through grades at school. We hope the information here will...

by Crystal Carfagno 3 min read
The Positive Effects of Dance-Young Children

The Positive Effects of Dance-Young Children For our littlest dancers at Showcase Dance Studio, dance is about much more than learning how to move to music! While the steps are important, of course, what’s even more special are the life skills that are introduced in our younger classes. Learning how to be...

by Crystal Carfagno 2 min read
What is Age-Appropriate Movement?

What is Age-Appropriate Movement? Why is it so important that Showcase Dance Studio offers age-appropriate movement for its students?  Because your child’s safety depends on it! Safe movements for young dancers are dependent on their ages and rate of physical growth.  For example, growth plates in the skeleton—the growing tissues that help...

by Crystal Carfagno 2 min read