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About Us

Our Studio, Your Journey

At Showcase Dance Studio, we're committed to providing an age-appropriate dance program that nurtures your child's love for movement while fostering their personal growth. From the magic of music, to the enduring friendships formed, and the thrill of performance, every aspect of our classes is designed to inspire creativity and joy.

But we're more than just about dance steps. Our studio is a haven where your child can truly be themselves, where laughter fills the air, valuable life lessons are learned, and memories are created. We place a strong emphasis on instilling character and resilience alongside dance technique, preserving the innocence of childhood while equipping our students with essential life skills.

While only a select few may pursue a professional dance career, the lessons learned in our studio extend far beyond the dance floor. Whether conquering a challenging step, mastering a routine, or overcoming stage nerves, our dancers emerge with newfound confidence, discipline, and teamwork - qualities that will serve them in any path they choose.

Meet Our Team

Welcome to the heart and soul of Showcase Dance Studio - our exceptional team! Comprised of passionate and dedicated leaders and role models, our team is the driving force behind our studio's success. With a wealth of experience and unwavering commitment to the holistic development of dancers, they are dedicated to inspiring and nurturing your dancer every step of the way.

More Than Just Great Dancing!

Welcome to Showcase Dance Studio, where your child's dance journey is as unique as they are!

Beyond mastering steps, we shape exceptional individuals. Our mission extends beyond the dance floor; we use dance as a powerful tool to cultivate well-rounded, confident, and compassionate leaders. In addition to our diverse classes, we offer holistic education, including community service projects, leadership workshops, and recognition for academic achievements. We nurture talent, integrity, resilience, and a spirit of service, preparing dancers to excel both on and off the stage.

Step into the spotlight at MTJGD Studio, where we celebrate dance with a touch of Broadway flair! Our comprehensive curriculum includes ballet, tap, jazz, pom, hip hop, acro, contemporary, musical theatre, lyrical, and pre-pointe classes. Specializing in Broadway styling, we infuse each class with elegance and age-appropriate movement. Join us on a journey of creativity and expression, where every dancer get to showcase their skills!

Come see our newly updated studio!

Celebrating Alumni Success

Step into the limelight with Showcase Dance's Alumni Success Stories! Explore the inspiring journeys of our graduates as they continue their dance adventures beyond our studio. From gracing prestigious stages, to pursuing collegiate dancing, and even sharing expertise as dance instructors, our alumni exemplify the enduring impact of Showcase Dance. Join us in celebrating their achievements and honoring the legacy of excellence nurtured at Showcase Dance.

Sarah Becker

Virginia Tech, Hokie High Techs Dance Team

Ashtyn Conners

James Madison University, Madison Dance Club

Katelyn Weppner

James Madison University, Madison Dance Club

Emily Schilpp

James Madison University, Dance Minor

Blair Rubach

James Madison University, Dance Minor

Lexi Ater

James Madison University, Dance Minor

Hannah Mello

Step One Dance Company, Norwegian Cruise Line, Walt Disney World Performer

Lauren Stubenhofer

Clemson University, Performing Arts Major

Hailey Lawrence

Virginia Commonwealth University, Gold Rush Dance Team

Emily Murphy

Virginia Tech, Fusion Dance Team

Abby Dow

Longwood University, Dance Team

Julianna Kinsolving

George Mason University, Dance Major

Christine Wyss

Catholic University, Dance Team

Shania Stewart

Riverside Dinner Theatre, Dancer

Natasha Abu-Fadel

University of Central Oklahoma, Dance Major

Taryn Mohl

NOVA Dance Company

Madison Alford

East Carolina University, Dance Team/Longwood University, Dance Team

Molly Baldovin

University of Mary Washington, Dance Program