Welcome to Your Competition Team

Step into a world of excellence with our Competition Team at Showcase Dance Studio! Our SDS Company dancers showcase their talent on stage while developing invaluable life skills. With a focus on personal growth above accolades, our team members cultivate talent, dedication, and resilience for both local performances and competitions.

Beyond the excitement of performances, our dancers learn the essence of teamwork, master time management, and embody integrity. They not only share their passion for dance but also inspire the community with their commitment to excellence.

Dance, Perform, and Succeed Together!

Join Our Competition Team and push yourself to new heights! If you're passionate about dance, excel in performance, and enjoy collaboration, you're exactly who we're looking for. At Showcase Dance Studio, we're dedicated to honing technique, personal growth and continuous improvement from one performance to the next. Our SDS Company dancers are not only talented performers but also dedicated students who excel in life. As a member, you'll undergo additional training and rehearsals to hone your skills. Prepare to showcase your skills at local performances and three exciting competitions each season. Join us and unleash your potential as part of a supportive, driven team committed to greatness through dance!

For more information about expectations and auditions, email our Competition Director at

Why We Compete

At SDS, our competition team serves as a platform for cultivating essential life skills such as time management, teamwork, responsibility, problem-solving, and integrity. We foster a culture of hard work and dedication in both classes and rehearsals, ensuring that when our dancers take the stage, they deliver their personal best performance.

Our primary aim is to ignite a passion for performing rather than simply chasing awards. That's why our competition team showcases their talent at various local events such as the Fall Jubilee, Arts Alive, Manassas Christmas Parade, and others throughout the season. These performances not only enhance their skills but also allow them give back to share their love of dance with the community.

Meet Our Company Dancers

Embark on an inspiring journey of passion and dedication alongside the remarkable dancers who form Showcase Dance Studio's competition team! Our team is comprised of enthusiastic students who embody our values of hard work, dedication, and continuous improvement as they strive to elevate their dance skills to new heights.