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Practicing Dance Steps At Home

Practicing Dance Steps At Home

We love it when our students say they want to practice at home! Sometimes they’ll tell us how they like to create their own dances; other times they want to practice what they’ve learned in the classroom. As a parent, you might be wondering how to foster this enthusiasm in your child. We get it: You want to encourage their excitement without thinking you need to get into a dance class yourself! With that in mind, we’ve got five basic tips to guide you.

  • Ensure there is a safe space for your child to dance, where there is plenty of room to groove.

  • Use caution with tap shoes; they can scuff some floors.

  • Resist the urge to teach. Allow home practice to be a place for your child to take the lead!

  • Keep your expectations in check. Your little one may not remember every step every time, but they are still developing their retention skills.

  • Make sure your child is having fun!  Practicing at home is only as good as your child’s motivation to do so.

There’s one last tip we like to offer, just in case you need it: If your dancer asks you to join in, say YES! Jump in with both feet and free dance to your heart’s delight. They’ll love it!

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