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What to Expect at Recital

What to Expect at a Dance Recital

Recital planning is well underway here at SDS! As you already know, our annual dance recital performances will take place on Saturday, June 9, 2018 at the Hylton Performing Arts Center.

If this is your child’s first dance recital experience, or your first recital experience with Showcase, here are a few important highlights of what to expect that day:

  • For security reasons, dressing rooms and backstage areas are for staff, volunteers, and dancers only. Parents will check their children in at the designated time and pick them up at the designated check-out area.
  • All children will stay backstage until the end of the performance. There are no exceptions, as this is for everyone’s safety.
  • Our performance venue does not allow food or drinks inside the theater, but concessions are available for purchase during intermission (in the lobby only).
  • It is customary to give your child congratulatory flowers after a performance but please do not bring balloons, as they are prohibited at our venue.
  • Recital tickets ($22) are available for purchase starting May 16th at 10:00am, either online or at the Hylton’s box office. If you have a child who is 24 months old or younger, you may request a complimentary “lap ticket” for them.
  • It is common courtesy to applaud after each performance, and to avoid entering or exiting the theater during a routine. A good rule of thumb is to only move from your seat in between songs, and only if absolutely necessary—such as to soothe a crying baby or use the restroom.
  • You may plan to take non-flash photos and video recordings during the dress rehearsal, but they are strictly prohibited during the performance. All electronic devices will need to be silenced or turned off.

You can read more details about dance recital preparations on our website by clicking here: https://showcase.dance/recitals. We know that there is a lot of information circulating at this time of year, so we appreciate your attention to all these details! Please ask if we can help with any questions.

Ms. Crystal

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