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Becoming Resilient Through Dance

Becoming Resilient Through Dance

Developing positive character qualities in our students is something we pride ourselves on at Showcase Dance Studio, and one of the qualities we care deeply about—that we know is challenging for our students to practice—is resilience. Becoming resilient is about choosing to give up or grow, and we’re all about teaching our kids how to choose growth!

One of the reasons resilience is so challenging to teach and to learn (and why it requires so much patience) is because it has to do with being uncomfortable. For a young dancer facing an obstacle, experiencing big emotions, or overcoming negative self-talk, it can feel downright distressing. And as a parent, you can’t help but hate it when your child is uncomfortable.

But it’s in those uncomfortable moments that your child really learns to shine; it’s where they discover their confidence! As they learn how to flex their decision-making muscles and choose to persevere, they grow and become more resilient. They grow not just as dancers and artists, but as people. And we believe that because of traits like this our students will grow up to be happy, healthy, hard-working adults.

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