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Competition Team Auditions Are Coming Up Soon!

Competition team auditions are coming up soon!  On Saturday, June 2, we’ll be hosting tryouts for our 2018-2019 teams.

You may have been wondering if being on a competitive team is the right fit for your child, or if they would enjoy the experience.  If you’ve ever thought about having your child audition, then this post is for you!

Read on to learn about the three awesome benefits that joining a team can offer your child:

  1. Extra opportunities to perform

If your child already loves to perform, then belonging to a competitive team will offer even more chances to do so.  In addition to our annual recital, SDS competitive dancers also participate in three local performances and three competitions each dance season.  Is your child more apt to get stage fright instead? No worries! Performing with a competition team is a fantastic way to build the “muscles” needed to feel more and more comfortable on stage in front of an audience.

  1. The camaraderie of the team

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of bonding with your fellow teammates.  In addition to performance events, our competitive dancers also participate in team-bonding exercises throughout the season, which allows them to build a high level of trust and comfort with each other.  It’s true that the relationships you develop at dance often turn into forever-friendships!

  1. Being accountable to a higher standard

The life skills your child learns from dance class grow even deeper when they are part of a competition team.  Competitive dancers are held to an extra-high standard when it comes to attendance, leadership, and responsibility.  Dancers are not just learning exciting performance routines; they’re learning how to follow-through on commitments, how to support one another, and how to never give up.

At SDS, these three benefits are what competition is all about.  Although we do often win awards at events, those awards are not our motivation.  Instead, our goal is to develop competitive dancers who are strong, conscientious young leaders who are learning how to work as a team and always try their best.  

We hope to see your dancer at our team auditions!  If you have any questions about the audition process or commitment, please e-mail us at  We’re happy to help!

-Ms. Crystal

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