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Dance Costume Tips and Tricks!

Dance Costume Tips and Tricks!

Now that you have your child’s costume at home, you might be wondering: What’s the best way to take care of it?  This thing is full of lycra and sequins and glitter!

It’s a great question (and observation) and because costumes aren’t like regular clothing, they do require a bit of TLC.  We’ve got several tips for you to keep your child’s costume in excellent shape before performance time.

  • Keep the costume inside its garment bag to protect it. If it’s wrinkled and needs to “rest” outside the bag, that’s OK for short periods of time, as long as it’s in an area free from strong odors and household pets.
  • Never pull a loose thread; snip the excess with scissors (or ask us if you’re not sure).
  • Talk to your child about not playing in the costume; it’s simply too late to get a replacement if something were to happen to it! Discuss using it for dress-up after the performance is over.
  • Keep the costume away from anything that could spill, such as art supplies, food, or drink.
  • Never put a dance costume in the washing machine, which could cause major damage to the specialty fabrics.

A little extra attention goes a long way with dance costumes! And don’t forget, we’re happy to help with any questions you have.

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