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From the Desk of Ms. Crystal-February

Dear Showcase parents and dancers,

We hope you are having a wonderful start to the month of February!  I love this time of year, with the dance season comfortably underway and Valentine’s Day just around the corner!

With a focus on love and friendship, this month’s Believe Challenge is about kindness.  We’re asking the question: How can you BE Kind with purpose?  At SDS, we believe that leading with kindness shows our students’ strengths.  It brings out the best in their behavior and demonstrates how powerful it is to care about others.  To BE Kind is to be friendly; to bring a smile to someone’s face (even your own!).  We want our students to strive to BE Kind to themselves, to their families, and to their classmates.

To BEkind for this month’s challenge, I recommend trying these ideas:

  • Tell someone what you admire about them and why

  • Write a positive affirmation to yourself and put it somewhere you can see every day

  • Offer to help someone with their homework

  • Do some chores around the house without being asked, and without expecting something in return

  • Write a note to brighten someone’s day, and leave it in their backpack or dance bag

Being kind isn’t hard to do, but it does take effort to be more intentionally kind.  We hope you will see our challenge to BE Kind as a way to increase the acts of kindness in your life. A small gesture of kindness can completely change someone’s day, or even their outlook on life!

To BEkind at SDS is to show that doing what’s right is more important than doing what’s easy. We love to see that our students are developing the character quality of kindness in their daily lives, for others and for themselves.  I can’t wait to hear more about everyone’s efforts to BEkind during this month’s challenge!


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