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Believe Challenges

From the Desk of Ms. Crystal-August

Dear Showcase parents and dancers,

We hope you have enjoyed a wonderful summer and are as ready as we are to jump back into dance!  This season, we are excited to kick off the year with a new theme in mind, and that theme is all about believing in yourself and others.

The word believe has everything to do with faith and confidence, which is why I think it’s the perfect source of our key messages this season at Showcase.  Belief lives inside all of us! But it may need some encouragement to be fully realized.

You’ll notice that each month this year our students will be challenged with a new task that relates to practicing who they are and what they believe.  These monthly “Believe Challenges” align with Showcase’s commitment to serve your dancer with the kind of values that cultivate hard-working, happy, and conscientious young people.  BElieving in oneself and BEing the sum of so many positive traits is the outcome we’re striving for!

Our September challenge, for example, is all about being enthusiastic, and our February challenge will be centered on being kind.  I’ll be sharing ideas for each challenge here on the blog, and the Showcase staff will be continuing the conversation in the classroom, in the hallways, and on social media.

I believe that the journey we’re on together this year is one of strength and joy and growth.  I believe it is something that goes beyond dance, as part of our More Than Just Great Dancing® mission.  I believe these efforts will positively impact our children today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

I’m so happy you’re here to be a part of our dance family, and I look forward to BEcoming more with you!


Ms. Crystal

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