Thank you for choosing SDS as your child's dance home featured graphic image

Thank you for choosing SDS as your child’s dance home

Dear SDS parents,

Since November is a time to reflect on all we are grateful for, I wanted to say THANK YOU for choosing Showcase as your child’s dance home! We know that this year has had its challenges for many of our dance families, and we could not be more appreciative that you’ve continued to see the benefits of dance in your child’s life.

We see it too—our students are living in an incredible time in history! And through dance, they are still able to learn and grow; smile, and sweat. Dance, to me, is the best vehicle to teach our kids the skills that will last a lifetime. Our students are building a work ethic and discovering their gifts. They are using teamwork skills and creativity. They are making lifelong friendships and fostering bonds with their trusted teachers. And ultimately, they are able to see themselves as confident young people who have a positive influence on their friends, family, and community.

I can relate to their impact because as a teacher and studio owner, I feel a calling to make the world a better place through dance. It’s become my personal mission to revolutionize the dance industry, starting with those nearest and dearest to me—my Showcase family. As a small business owner, this mission can feel like a lot to bear. And yet I also feel like it’s possible to achieve because of parents like you, who have chosen SDS as their preferred studio to raise great kids.

We know that you juggle a lot in your busy lives—from the carpool lane to homework supervision to family dinners. And we are grateful that dance is a priority amidst all the busyness! Your kids are the reason why we love what we do, day in and day out. They bring us joy, and I certainly hope we do the same for them.

Dance is an activity full of paradoxes: love and high expectations, laughter and discipline; beauty and grit. This is one of the reasons I love it so much because it offers our children a way to discover all of those character qualities in themselves. It is a true blessing.

So here’s to YOU, Showcase families! Thank you for believing in us and believing in dance—and most of all, believing in your child. We have so much gratitude for the support and encouragement you bring to the studio. Thank you for trusting Showcase to be your child’s happy, healthy, safe place to grow in dance and in life!

Ms. Crystal

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