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The Benefits of Competition Team

The Benefits of Competition Team

If your child loves dance and has expressed interest in doing more, we’d love for you to consider having them audition for our competition teams later this Spring! All of our students at Showcase Dance Studio benefit from the life skills dance develops, but for our competition teams, those advantages go even deeper.

For example, our competition team students are held to a high standard when it comes to making the commitment to join. Sometimes they have to make sacrifices, like attending a rehearsal instead of a social event. Their commitment grows their dependability, and the team bonds grow stronger because of this. This emphasis on teamwork helps each student see that they have an important role to fill. Working together, the dancers improve their communication skills—a benefit that will multiply many times over as they mature. And through their shared performance experience, the team learns what it means to promote excellent sportsmanship. Whether they are congratulating another team on their hard work or winning a top award themselves, our students are learning how to be genuinely gracious to others.

Our competition teams can open the door for many valuable lessons. We hope you’ll talk to your child about their interest in joining, and please reach out to our Competition Director, Ms. Sarah at with any questions you may have!

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